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October 2014!!
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A deadline has been established as December 2014 for all First Nation bands and communities to have developed their own First Nation Matrimonial Real Property (MRP) Law under their own law-making mechanism. If this has not been accomplished by the date specified, existing legislation passed by the federal government will take effect and be legally binding over all First Nations who have not completed or complied within the identified time period.

The law firm of Nahwegahbow Corbiere have been retained to prepare the finalization of the Aundeck Omni Kaning (AOK) First Nation MRP Law which had been passed by a Band referendum in November 2001 and submitted to Indian Affairs for acceptance.  However, due to compliance issues, the AOK MRP was not accepted and returned for ratification. 

A series of meetings will be held for the purpose of finalization of the AOK First Nation MRP Law under the auspices of the Nahwegahbow Corbiere firm and subject to a final referendum before December 2014.

Notices to the community and dates for these important meetings will be posted  as soon as these are finalized.

For further information, please call Don McGraw, Lands, Estates and Membership Administrator, or Peter Nahwegahbo, Capacity and Resource Worker, at the AOK Band Office – 705-368-2228.