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Band Manager
Charlotte Commanda


Accounting Clerk - Melanie McGregor-Abotossaway

Accounting Clerk 
Melanie McGregor-Abotossaway  
The mandate of the Accounting clerk is to provide financial support to the Band Manager and the Accounting Manager as well as other program management staff.

Education Councillor - Carlene Assinewai

Education Councillor
Carlene Assinewai    
The mandate of the Education Councillor is to administer the education program and budget according to established guidelines and provides councelling services to students in elementary, secondary & post secondary programs.

Economic Development Officer - Kathy Bebamash

Economic Development Officer
Kathy Bebamash
The mandate of the Economic Development Officer is to assist on-reserve Band Members in establishing small businesses, assists Band Council, in the development of Band owned and operated enterprises, manages  the Aundeck Omni Kaning Business Loans Program, proposal development for short and long-term community infrustructure projects and employment programs aimed at improving the human resources within the community. Maintaining updated statistics regarding population trends, employment, skills and the community profile.
Welfare Administrator/ Ontario Works Manager -  Audrey McGraw-Stone
The mandate of the Welfare Administrator/ Ontario Works Manager is to councel and refer clients in the areas of job-search, social assistance and professional services, administers the Ontario Works Program and the Homemaker Program, prepares and implements the Social Assistance Transfer Funding Program and implements the National Child Benefit Process.
Lands, Estates & Membership Administrator - Don McGraw
The mandate of the Membership, Lands & Estates Officer is to manage the registration system of all transactions pertaining to membership, lands and estates, assist clients with applications for birth documents  which affects the Indian Register,  process Certificates of Indian Status, implementation of the membership code, maintaining updated population statistics, serves as Electorial Officer or Assistant to Electorial Officer, completes all land transactions, issues Certificates of Possession and performs all duties relating to land use plans, land surveys and assists members with membership, lands, wills and settlement of estates.
Administrative Support Assistant
Connie Esquimaux
The mandate of the Administrative Support Assistant is to provide secretarial support to the Band Council, Band Manager and Accounting Manager. Receptionist support for Band Administration and Endaa-aang Tourism.

Family Support Worker - Lois Nahwegahbow